I would give Shed Mania more than 5 stars if I could. When I was looking for someone to build a studio shed, I first contacted another company that considers themselves “The Bay Area Shed Leader”. They were unresponsive and ultimately very rude and entitled. Thankfully I did a bit more research and found John and Song. And there is a new Bay Area Shed Leader: Shed Mania. Throughout the process, Johns communication was clear and responsive. I went back and forth with the size and style I wanted, and John was always patient and helpful. Song is a master. He managed the build of the shed incredibly well and the whole team did a fantastic job. Excellent build quality. John & Song confidently stand by their craftsmanship and have been very helpful with my questions and inquiries even after the job was done. I cant recommend them enough. If I ever need more work to be done, They will be the first ones I call. Customer for life.

Sean M. Livermore CA

We had quite a lot of customizations included with our shed build that go from off-grid solar, to soundproofing, and even radon gas mitigation. John and Song set our expectations accordingly and still went the extra mile with various aspects of shed construction. John is excellent at staying in communication and providing customer service throughout the project. They are also open to working with other contractors to complete our custom requests (particularly radon mitigation). Song was great at taking time to allay my worries about anything technical like the solar and the HVAC. For a smoother build, I would recommend asking about flooring/lighting options early on and making a decision ahead of time. They work fast, and if you are one to take time to decide, it might be difficult. I would also recommend you choose your exterior and interior colors well in advance – get samples if you are unsure. Having your colors chosen ahead of time will ensure the project isn’t delayed. After playing around with the off-grid solar for a while, it would be good to add in a battery and solar panel disconnect switch for safety. When all is said and done, it sure is nice to have a quiet and spacious shed that’s much more useful than the dilapidated storage shed it replaced. Thank you!

Jon L. Fremont CA

John and Song promised a reasonable time frame and very competitive price to complete my new office shed. They delivered a week ahead of schedule (only 2 weeks from start to finish) and my new office has been fantastic! They take a very hands on approach and want to make sure their customers are happy with the result. I looked into a number of other options before signing up with them and I’m really happy I waited to have them do my project instead of one of the prefab or more expensive options.

Alex K. Walnut Creek CA

If I could give 6 stars, I would! John and Song are amazing. They are experts in stretching the allowable “non-habitable” structure requirements. These structures might be categorized as “sheds” per city codes, but they’re really just small houses (minus the plumbing).

John handles the business communication side, and he’s very responsive and communicative. He was able to walk us through the details of the shed and pricing over the phone. After we put down the initial deposit, we only had to wait for about one month before John was able to assign us a team to start building. The entire building process took only 3 weeks (no permit means no waiting for city inspectors!) We now have a beautiful home office, complete with dry walls, insulation, recessed lighting, flooring, solar power system, and AC/heater! We could spend all day in here, if only we didn’t need to use the bathroom.

If you’re like us, you want to build something in the backyard and have no idea how or where to begin, I highly recommend Shed Mania. They’ll get the job done quickly and properly, for a very reasonable price.

Stewart L. Emeryville, CA

Shed Mania recently constructed a 10’x12′ shed for us.  We are using it as a spare room and just recently had an out-of-town guest stay with us in it.  She reported it as very comfortable and cozy.  

John was accommodating during the design process and allowed us to have a slightly custom layout with an elevated loft in the back of the shed.  

There were some minor delays due to supply constraints but that is just the overall state of building materials these days.  The project was still completed within a reasonable time frame and the crew was industrious, efficient, and clean.

J C. Hayward, CA

I just recently had a shed built by Shed Mania, and I’m very happy with the end result! John was responsive and always addressing any questions or requests, the workers were really polite and friendly. If you need an extra room for an office or studio, John will do a great job.

Marlon P. San Jose, CA

My journey started with the desire to build some extra space for an office.  It ended with a killer entertaining space and office!  John is the ideas guy, and Song is the guy who brings those ideas to life.  They make a great team.

The process from start to finish was simple.  John was extremely responsive when issues or additional requests (which I had lots) came up.  There was a brief snafu with build and placement of the ladder for the loft but between John and Song, it was quickly resolved and the end result I think was even better than what we had originally planned.  As with any construction project, issues will come up, however, how those issues are dealt with and resolved will make the experience just an okay experience or a great experience.  This to me was a great experience.

If you’re looking for some extra space outside your home, I would highly recommend you talk to John.  He’ll give you some great ideas.

Hugh H. San Jose, CA

Since the start of Covid my husband has had to work out of our garage because we don’t have the space in our home and we have a toddler (if you know, you know).  We debated the investment into a project like this for many months but each time my husband’s company delayed the return to office it nudged us closer to making a backyard office a reality.  We did look into other larger businesses to complete the project but they could not even compete with Shed Mania’s price point and process.  I was amazed by the photos and reviews of completed projects by Shed Mania and now we finally have our own to enjoy.  It comes completed with air conditioning and heat which will be a game changer for my husband.  Hot days working in the garage are over!  Even when his company brings employees back, it’s nice to know he has the option to work from home whenever he wants.  John and Song are stand up guys and made the process easy and painless.  The main crew on site was respectful of our property and left the space as they found it.  We are so happy with how everything turned out and would not hesitate at all to recommend Shed Mania.  Thank you John and Song!

Laurie D. San Jose, CA

I needed to build an office shed for remote working and researched a ton of options. The prefab choices were too expensive, not customized, and needed a separate crew for assembly while the HomeDepot sheds were not cutting it. Then I found Shedmania on Facebook.

The owner worked with me to design the best studio option for our home with the right price.

My new office was completed ahead of schedule. The quality of construction is top notch and it is a beautiful new addition to our property.

I highly recommend Shedmania!

Jonathan T. Los Altos Hills, CA

I’m very pleased with how John and Song handled the whole construction process. They are responsive, easy going and reliable. My music studio was built from scratch in less than 3 weeks.  Even when we had some minor hiccups during construction ( which is normal and expected), John and song were super fast to address them. I’d like to thank all Shed mania crew for your hard work!

Definitely recommended!

Fabio D. Lafayette, CA

I am so glad we found John at Shed Mania to build our backyard studio shed! At least for the next couple of years, this will be a sewing studio and study space for my daughter. She’s still working on furnishing and decorating, but so far, she is so happy to have a nice, quiet, air-conditioned space of her own to be creative. We’re so pleased with how nicely everything was done and especially with the decision to go with solar. What a great way to complete our backyard!

John and Song were a total pleasure to work with and we highly recommend Shed Mania to anyone who’s looking to build a shed in their backyard.

Susan C. San Jose, CA

Hey Yelp.  I typically don’t leave reviews, but I wanted to provide feedback they may help someone looking around for a backyard office/studio Contractor.

I reached out to Shed Mania and got in contact with John.  He is super responsive which is one of the number one things I appreciate when working with a Contractor.   I got several bids but ultimately went with Shed Mania due to 3 main reasons:  1. Responsiveness 2. Cost/Availability 3. Loft options

I did a lot of online research with companies that did studio kits like studio-shed, kitHAUS, and modern-shed.  But by the time I priced it out with shipping, upgraded windows and french doors, finding local contractor to built it, the price shot up from advertised $20K cost to upwards of $40K-$55K.   And those kits did not even include a loft option.  

After I decided against going with online services, I opted to research the local Bay area contractors.  There are several companies that build backyard studios in the Bay area now especially after the Pandemic started early last year.   I reached out to several of them as stated earlier.   I am extremely happy I went with Shed Mania.  Working with John and Song was a great experience as they took care of everything as a turn-key contractor.   They finished my project in 2 weeks.  I woke up Saturday morning that 1st week and was surprised to seem them out there.  Extremely professional and hard working.  

My Project Specs:
-10’x12′ Studio
– Set on Piers
– French Doors
– Laminate wood floors below and in loft
– One 36″x36″ Window
– Five black transform windows
– Loft with Wall rungs instead of latter
– Six Electrical outlets below, and two up in the loft
– Two exterior lights
– 8′ wide porch deck and awning
– Six recessed can lights
– Mini split HVAC
– 12′ Retaining wall behind the studio

I have been using the studio as my office for a few weeks now.  I wish I had pulled the trigger and had them build it for me sooner.

Miller L. San Jose, CA

I am extremely happy with how my shed turned out.  Song, John and the crew were terrific from day one.  I was all set to pull the trigger on another nationwide shed builder when I saw Shed Mania’s news video.  After watching the video I knew I had to call these guys. My instincts were 100% correct.  The build quality and design was top notch.  If you are looking for a turn key shed with electrical, flooring and drywall look no further.  Call these guys now.  I am sure  you won’t be disappointed.

James L. Cupertino, CA

John and his crew built me the perfect shed for my Reiki practice! They were very professional, friendly, honest, and straightforward. The best part of Shed Mania is that when they finished my shed it was move-in ready. They are a one-stop shop–they do it all! My shed was painted inside and out, all light fixtures were in place, flooring done, doors and windows in, heating/AC unit installed, and the awning and deck were complete. Plus they finished the job early and on budget. I didn’t pay a penny more than was estimated. It was an absolutely delightful experience and I would recommend them to everyone I know. Thanks Shed Mania!!

Kristen P. Palo Alto, CA

We had a great experience with Shed Mania. John and Song are both very responsive and worked with us on making the shed project a success. There was an issue with a neighbor during the middle of construction but the problem was resolved effectively. Although the design of the shed had to be changed, we are very happy with the final result. I would highly recommend anyone considering a backyard shed to contact Shed Mania!

Robert L. San Mateo, CA

I looked at all the local as well as national shed businesses and decided to work with Shed Mania. The owner, John, is very responsive and worked collaboratively with me to help design and realize my office shed build-out, which had to be a bit custom due to a need to adhere to zoning rules.

While Shed Mania wasn’t the cheapest option I looked at, it also wasn’t the most expensive, and with projects like this, the communication and accountability part is SO important. (That said, I still came in under my budget.) Lots of other companies will only go halfway – they’ll do the exterior, but no electrical or interior finishing. Shed Mania will complete your project end-to-end and alleviate the headache of finding separate contractors to do the other work.

I’m a real stickler for details, and John worked with me on everything, down to the fit and finishes. He estimated the amount of time it would take to complete construction, and still came in early despite a moderately sized hiccup with my pier foundation.

His crew showed up on time every morning at 9am, and wrapped up promptly each day before 5pm, leaving the work site clean. They were a bunch of very friendly guys, and were respectful about sharing the space when we needed to be in the yard at the same time.

John did a great job of anticipating the things I would be detail-oriented with, and checked in with me whenever there was a chance of mismatched expectations. I appreciate that he gave me the space to bring in my own ideas to this design. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a finished shed structure! I’ve been using mine as an office for the past week and it’s been perfect!

Amy C. San Francisco, CA

Shed Mania was wonderful to work with; they were very accommodating, professional and responsive. John listened to all my needs and wants, building me my custom shed that is fit for my family. Him and his team was very professional and respectful during the whole process. When there was an issue with the battery for the solar panel a couple of days after the shed was completed, John responded quickly and his partner came to fix it immediately. I couldn’t ask for a better team than Shed Mania!

Janet L. San Francisco, CA

I have nothing but the highest praise for Shed Mania. John and his whole team was a pleasure to work with. Not only was John great to work with, his whole team was so professional, hardworking, humble, and very respectful every day they are here.

They built a loft shed and also restored our patio and decks as part of the project. Given the pandemic, I will be working remotely permanently, so having this office shed built is a dream come true! I now have a beautiful space to go to daily that’s truly mine. And the loft is the best part! It’s been turned into a reading nook for my daughter, and can be used as a guest bed when needed.

The whole process including deck work was 2.5 weeks. I can’t believe how fast and efficient they were. The pricing was reasonable and fair as well. If you are even remotely considering or curious about getting a shed, just give John a call and get that conversation started! He would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have without being pushy or agitated. He’s someone you can trust, that’s the most important thing you can ask for when looking to hire a contractor.

Lily Y. Concord, CA

John and Song are great contractors. They worked with me along the way to build my home office in my backyard. They were very accommodating to all my request, upgrades, and questions, and delivered a superb office for me. Highly recommend their work.

Pablo L. D. Sunnyvale, CA

We love our new shed! Our project was completed in only 10 working days from foundation to finishes and it looks great! The crew was clean, respectful and Covid conscious. We highly recommend Shed Mania!

Bela C. Danville, CA

The only regret I have is waiting for this long to finally create this she-shed! Oh how I wish I had this during early pandemic. I suffered a year of working at home with my kid zooming next to me in the living room. This was the best present I bought myself!

John and his team at Shed Mania were all very professional and courteous. They came early in the morning Monday to Saturday and got it done in less than 2 wks. I inspected the place and they immediately addressed any concerns we had. They cleaned up every single thing before leaving too, including the branches they cut off our tree to make space. I highly recommend them to my friends.

R A. San Francisco, CA

Outstanding Outstanding Outstanding. Coming from me – No one is 5 stars. I even gambled with my wife on how many issues we’d have. I lost. Owning a home and dealing with contractors is a nightmare all the time. John and his crew have proved me wrong. This team of specialists are outstanding to work with even if you’re like me 3rd degree OCD. There were a couple issues on our part – And with a smile John handled it. If you’re in the market for a backyard office / shed? Look no further. AAAAA+++++ If Shed Mania is not doing it – You’re wasting your money. Best Service. Best Price. Best Customer Service. All around the best experience yet.

Abe D. Inner Sunset, San Francisco, CA

John and his team did a wonderful job with building our shed and pergola. They are super communicative and easy to reach if you have questions or concerns. If you have concerns, John will address them right away. The building process was explained to us every step of the way.

We had a weirdly shaped concrete slab and they still were able to make it work. They were able to finish the shed and pergola in about 10 working days without cutting any corners.

Our shed turned out super clean and just what we wanted. We’re very happy with their work and we love our new backyard oasis.

I highly recommend John and his team if you are looking to build a backyard space.

Eugenia Y. Oakland, CA

I wanted to give props to John and his team for my beautiful new shed! During COVID, it seemed like everyone wanted more space and so the shed business was booming and it was difficult to find someone who was booked months out.

Since my shed was more for storage than a complete ADU, he was able to squeeze my project in that weekend and completed it within 3 days. He was reasonably priced, worked with my specifications (he even installed a few shelves in the shed) and did it quickly and efficiently with minimal direction.

John was also highly communicative via email and text. He runs a tight ship and I appreciate his transparency and ability to let me know how things were going throughout the process. Highly recommend to anyone needing a storage shed or something more robust!

Carmen K. San Francisco, CA

I had initially reached out to John after a bad experience with another local shed company here in the east bay. Upon my first call with John he was immediately understanding, knowledgeable and communicative.

Jon C. Oakland, CA

During the construction process John was involved every step of the way, and proactively kept me up to date, since I was out of town during the first phase of construction. He even looked after my cat!

The end result was amazing, and the process seamless. John and his partner Song are true professionals and I would not hesitate to recommend them and their work to anybody. My only regret is Shed Mania was not my first call.

We had a separate home office space built, which we couldn’t be happier about!  John & crew where fantastic through the whole process. From design to timeline, he was easy to work with, thorough on details and got the job done early! We really love the new space.  Highly recommend working with John.

Aaron F. San Francisco, CA

This review is long overdue, but worth all five stars. John and Song did a great job transforming our yard from a dried up, old garden to our favorite part of the house. They built the shed and a deck that surrounds our new hot tub. My wife and I are both in construction so we’re pretty particular. We were very pleased with the end result. They did a great job coordinating with us on the hot tub and were very understanding when we caused some delays. They come highly recommended.

Jennifer B. Pleasanton, CA

Found John on Facebook and couldn’t be happier with his work. We had a 80sq ft shed build in our backyard, solar panels, insulation, paint, roofing, flooring, the whole 9 yards for a seriously affordable price. I had shopped around for a shed and only found pre-fabricated shed that didn’t come with electricity or insulation or solar options, so this was a major upgrade for the price. John knows his stuff and used to be in the solar industry so you can trust his recommendations. He’s also privately insured. He checked in with us through every step of the process to make sure we were happy with everything–window placement, door design, colors, roofing materials, everything. John’s team finished the shed quicker than expected and even rebuilt a part of our crumbling fence behind the shed in order to secure the corner. He was communicative, and is still very responsive if I have any questions about the solar set-up. It was an excellent experience all around, and I’m thrilled with the quality of his work and professionalism!

Simone C. Oakland, CA

She shed was completed and currently using as a an office crafting room and I had a front yard pergola and pavers installed.

Tashenia P. Livermore, CA

With the space limitations we had in our yard, we were not able to get a pre-made shed. I found John (via his wife) on Facebook as I was looking for some storage options. Working with John was fantastic. We were able to discuss most of the details via phone, email and text. John had great attention to detail and was easy to work with. In a matter of weeks from the initial contact, we had a completed shed. We are extremely happy with our shed so far. I highly recommend working with him

Tess B. Hayward, CA

John and the team at Shed Mania are an absolute joy to work with. From initial consultation, project scoping, contract finalization and final build out, they were consistently communicative and collaborative throughout the entire process. For me, every project has its nuances, hiccups and pivots, and the most important thing is transparency. They were proactive in their communication so that I would be kept in the loop in every stage of the project. They were patient with me with my questions and some middle of project requests, and more than fair when it came to finding a common ground. They were very respectful of my property and minimally invasive. These guys are professional home builders and renovators and use the same high quality materials and expert techniques that are utilized in building homes. I was concerned about the quality of work and materials from some of the other shed builders that I had reached out to, so I was extremely pleased with the the aesthetic and quality of the finished product. I am getting nonstop compliments from friends and coworkers who are jealous of my wfh space. I would recommend Shed Mania to anyone who is looking for some additional room for a home office, hobby shed, or just a beautiful backyard respite. All in all, the project ran for about 9 working days, and I couldn’t be happier.

David Y. Alameda, CA